Photo:  Bombus distinguendus, Prof. Dave Goulson, UK

Bumblebees of the World

Here you will find a poster series about bumblebees. Please download all the copies you like (for free).
Up to A4 size the quality of the photos is suitable.  

My gratitude goes to Prof. Dave Goulson (University of Sussex, UK) for his advice and to all photographers for providing their images. 

The text for each portrait of a bumblebee is relatively short. It should serve as an incentive for people to more intensively with the insect itself.

The font isn't very crisp on purpose to not distract from the beautiful pictures 

1. Preface Prof. Goulson

2. Garden flowers for Bumblebees

3. Bombus pascuorum

4. Bombus vosnesenski

5. Bombus perplexus

6. Bombus lucorum complex

7. Bombus veteranus

8. Bombus flavifrons

9. Bombus hortorum 

10. Bombus ruderarius

11. Bombus terrestris

12. Bombus dahlbomii   :-)

13. Bombus distinguendus

14. Bombus niveatus

15. Bombus ternarius

16. Bombus melanopygus

17. Bombus humilis

18. Bombus pratorum

19. Bombus hyperboreus

20. Bombus sylvarum

21. Bombus persicus

22. Bombus muscorum

23. Space for a bumblebee from Mexico ......

24. Space for a bumblebee from Japan ......